Sustainability is an important and integral part of the GroupĀ“s businesses. The parent company’s greatest impact is through being long-term and active owner, while imposing high sustainable development requirements on subsidaries and associates. The parent company does not have any own manufacturing and has only a few employees. Consequently, please refer to the sub-groups’ published annual reports and sustainability reports for performance indicator reporting.

Carl Bennet AB was the initiator of the Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India project, together with Arjo, Elanders, Getinge and another six Swedish companies. Run by the non-profit organisation Pratham, the project is aimed at enabling 30,000 vulnerable children in India to receive an education over a three-year period. Carl Bennet AB has also funded research at the Stockholm School of Economics with the aim of evaluating the project and developing new, innovative education methods.

The parent company was one of the initiators behind the introduction of the Secondary School Apprenticeships (GLA) scheme in Sweden. GLA is a new apprenticeship scheme that will bring Sweden more in line with existing European schemes, where students attend school while working and receiving a salary. The scheme was established in close collaboration with the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and with support from the Apprenticeship Centre of the Swedish National Agency for Education. The Swedish Secondary School Apprentice campaign describes a form of education in which businesses and schools take joint responsibility for educating tomorrow’s workers. The initiative is aimed at encouraging more students to apply for vocational courses at upper secondary school and improve employers’ access to skilled labour.

Environmental work is a high priority for the Group, which for example supports the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award
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