Elanders AB

Elanders is a global group with production units in thirteen countries on four continents, and is one of few suppliers that can offer everything from global supply chain solutions and advanced printing solutions to personalised photography products. In conjunction with the acquisition of the supply chain company, Mentor Media, in January 2014, Elanders implemented a change in its product areas, whereby the new areas comprise of Supply Chain Solutions, Print & Packaging Solutions and e-Commerce Solutions. This acquisition implies that the company moved up a level in the “value chain” and can now offer further services and products to new and existing customers.

Net sales increased to MSEK 3,730 (2,096) and profit before tax increased to MSEK 140 (102). The average number of employees grew to 3,360 (1,864).

CBAB’s share: Equity 62% – Votes 74%

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