Dragesholm AB

Dragesholm AB

Dragesholm AB owns and manages forestry and the real estate Dragesholms Säteri situated in Skåne, southern Sweden. The landholding is about 1000 hectare, including both fields and forest. The productive forest land totals approx. 750 hectare, while the field area totals approx. 120 hectare.

The real estate also includes several rental properties, suitable for year-around housing. These offer a life away from the city, and include opportunities for keeping horses.

Environment and biodiversity

Dragesholm AB works diligently with several environmental initiatives to improve biodiversity and keep a sustainable game management. Over the years, several investments have been made to create wetlands suitable for a wide range of animal- and birdlife. The artificial wetlands total a 30 hectare area. 

The wetlands serve as traps for nitrogen and phosphor, reducing the overfertilisation in nearby water. They also house animals such as wild boar and deer that can be found wandering freely.

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Dragesholm conducts forestry operations at Dragesholm Säteri in Skåne.