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Sustainability for a better tomorrow

Creating long-term value through active ownership

Providing knowledge and funding for long-term success.

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A global supplier of medical devices and solutions for people with reduced mobility and age-related diseases.
A global leader in supply chain solutions, advanced printing solutions and personalised photography products.
A global provider of products and solutions within healthcare and life sciences.
Lifco has international market-leading positions within its business areas: Dental, Demolition & Tools and Systems Solutions.
Dragesholm conducts forestry operations at Dragesholm Säteri in Skåne.
Research and development

Research funding to create development opportunities

CBAB collaborates with academic and scientific institutions to support both research and knowledge for the long-term development of its holdings.
Together towards a better tomorrow

Sustainability on the agenda

Being a long-term and active owner, CBAB imposes high sustainable development requirements on all its subsidiaries and associates.

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