Years of industry development

How it all started

Carl Bennet was born in Helsingborg in 1951 and has built a large industrial empire, focusing on medical technology and logistics. In 1976 he received an MBA from the University of Gothenburg and accepted a position at Kockums and later Elextrolux.

Carl became CEO of Electrolux in Alingsås from 1982 -1988. He made investments in the company Trelleborg, where his friend Rune Andersson was CEO. This investment provided the foundational funds, when the two bought Getinge AB from Electrolux in 1989.

Carl Bennet founded the holding company Carl Bennet AB.
Carl Bennet, together with Rune Andersson, acquires the company Getinge from Electrolux for 320 MSEK. Carl takes over as CEO and Rune as the chairman of the board. Within six months the company had turned a profit.

Getinge is listed on the stock exchange.

Getinge acquires Arjo (merger), in order to develop its offering in the medical sector.
Getinge acquires the dental company LIC Care AB, which later becomes Lifco.

Carl Bennet AB becomes the sole majority owner in Getinge through the acquisition of Rune Andersson's share. Carl Bennet AB also becomes the majority owner in Elanders AB. In the next three years, eleven more Swedish companies were acquired by Elanders AB, making it the largest graphic group in the Nordics.

Lifco, which was a division in Getinge Group was distributed to the shareholders of Getinge. In connection with the spin-off, Carl Bennet AB also becomes the majority owner of Lifco AB.

Carl Bennet AB buys Lifco from the stock exchange, and the company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Carl Bennet AB.

Lifco AB acquires the sister company Sorb Industri AB, a diversified industrial company owned by Carl Bennet AB. That became the start of a successful business expansion in Lifco.
Carl Bennet, together with Anders Hallberg, founds the fund company HealthInvest Partners AB, an independent fund company specializing in investments in the healthcare sector. Carl Bennet AB acquires 26% of shares and capital in the company.

Getinge becomes a subsidiary of Carl Bennet AB by introducing a new accounting principle, IFRS. The Group's net sales increases significantly.

Carl Bennet AB sells 49.9% of the shares in Lifco, in a public offering. Lifco is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm main list November 21, 2014.

Carl Bennet AB invests in BICO Group former Cellink AB, in connection with their IPO. The holding is later increased by equity issues.

In December Getinge distributed the business area Patient- and Post Acute Care to shareholders and the company was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm on December 12, as an independent company under the name Arjo. In connection with the listing, Carl Bennet AB , the majority owner in Getinge, will also be the majority owner in Arjo.

Carl Bennet AB expands its investment in Getinge AB and Arjo AB by SEK 900 million and thus owns more than 50% of the votes in both companies.

Carl Bennet AB sells all their shares in the software company Symbrio AB to the Canadian Volaris Group.