Building long-term value and growth

Having an important role in the global arena, Carl Bennet AB, its subsidiaries and associated companies initiate and fund projects within research, education and sustainability. Collaborating with academic and scientific institutions, Carl Bennet AB supports both research and knowledge for the long-term development of its holdings. 

Carl Bennet AB also supports the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, which provides knowledge and expertise with the aim of contributing to the development of society.


20 MSEK annually

  • Research in patient-specific cardiovascular risk profiling, Karolinska Institute
  • Research on young people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, Karolinska Institute
  • Research in detecting fibrillation/preventing stroke, Karolinska Institute
  • Research on economic conditions in Eastern Europe, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Industry-employed doctoral student,  Stockholm School of Economics/The IMIT
  • Professorship in Human Resource Management, University of Gothenburg
  • Research in Health Governance, School of Business, Economic and Law at University of Gothenburg
  • Professorship in register epidemiology, University of Gothenburg
  • Research on Global Health, University of Gothenburg
  • Research, Oligonova Hub, University of Gothenburg
  • Research in Democracy and sustainable society, University of Gothenburg
  • Research on Startups, Autlook AB, Gothenburg
  • Research on Heart vascular diseases, Umeå University
  • Professorship in medical technology, focusing on artificial intelligence and digitalisation, Umeå University
  • Research in virology, Umeå University
  • Research on the conditions of entrepreneurship in Sweden, Research Institute of Industrial Economics
  • Digitalization of Society, Linköping University
  • Professorship - Research for innovation, Halmstad University