Getinge AB

Getinge AB

Getinge was founded in 1904 and manufactured agricultural equipment. In 1932, Getinge made its first move into medical technology by starting to produce sterilizers for medical equipment. Today the company provides hospitals and life science institutions with products and solutions for operating rooms, intensive care, sterile reprocessing and life science. The company operates in 39 countries and employs more than 10.800 people worldwide.

Bringing science to life

Getinge is a leading global provider of equipment and systems that aim to improve clinical outcomes and optimize workflow. Operations are conducted in three business areas: Acute Care Therapies, Surgical Workflows and Life Science. The production facilities are in France, China, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, UK and the US.


Getinge is committed to contribute to a more sustainable health care and society. The work is driven by the conviction that a responsible company contributes to an increased value for customers as well as society at large.

Net sales, billion SEK
Operating profit (EBIT), billion SEK
Employees globally
Number of countries where
the company sells products and solutions
Market cap, billion SEK


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